My digital self

So, what to say about this fellow? I’ve been around in the digital realm since the early 90s, so basically I am some kind of dinosaur now. I started out in the good old Amiga days, poking around with small amounts of shell code, as well as a bit of music in the demoscene. As soon as I started programming at school, I started building MUD engines and other role-playing stuff that was taking up much of my free time. 

As soon as I begun coding for the web, I was hooked with the scripting languages. First using ASP and Perl, then on to PHP. That passion has amounted to quite some web solutions, most of which are now gone or at least developed on even further. I also try to give back to the open source community by doing translations and other similar work. I have also done some translations for other good software that I use myself. 

In my professional life, I started Dynamic with some friends back in 2009, focusing on some of my passions in IT - presentations and mac solutions. 

Contact info


skype: egildotnet

twitter: EgilHelland

work: Dynamic